About 'Womb Surround' Process Workshops

What is a 'Womb Surround' Process Workshop?

A 'Womb Surround' Process Workshop is a small group format developed and refined by Raymond Castellino beginning in 1992. It creates a safe, welcoming environment in which to explore early imprinting from preverbal life that is affecting your present life. Typically there are 4-6 participants in a workshop. The facilitator is often assisted by trainees or graduates from the Castellino Foundation Training. What follows is a writeup about the general format developed by Raymond Castellino for in-person 5-day womb surrounds. The format will necessarily vary when online and with different facilitators.

The format for this was created by Dr. Castellino because he found by experience that complete and lasting transformations most often happen in a small group setting. The span of five days or an evening plus four days allows the work to occur in a spacious way that supports the integration of material from your own and others' work.

The facilitator begins each workshop reviewing the 8 Principles: basic interactive, empathy and contact skills allowing participants to actively support each other during the workshop with the intention of creating a safe and nurturing "womb surround." Each participant receives a 1.5 - 3.5 hour session with the facilitator with group support during which he or she explores physical and emotional patterns of prenatal, birth or infancy origin. Each session is followed by individual and group debriefing, integrative processing and discussion. Tools used include group interactive processes, energy awareness, craniosacral work and other touch and empathy skills.

The purpose is to heal and re-pattern early trauma and to create more options for current behavior and ways of being in relationship. In addition to healing prenatal, birth and other early trauma, this process has the principle impact of encouraging loving bonding within primary relationships. Participants commonly state that the process is transformational on a deep level.

Approved Womb Surround Facilitators - Please contact them individually about their offerings

All those listed below have demonstrated competence to facilitate a womb surround. They have met specific requirements that indicate their skill and experience. Womb Surrounds whose faciliators have been approved by Ray or another supervisor (Tara, Mary) may be taken as a prerequisite for required Womb Surrounds for trainees and potential trainees who wish to apply to a Foundation Training and are open to anyone for personal and/or professional growth. For information, please contact the relevant facilitator directly. Many travel to offer Womb Surrounds. Some offer zoom workshops. The practitioners listed below also offer other courses/workshops and work with families and individuals.

Below is a list of workshops offered between in 2024 (and a bit of 2025) which is updated as facilitators update their information. Any of these can be taken as a prerequisite to applying to the a future Foundation training. They are open to anyone, whether interested in the Foundation Training on not.. To 'count' as a prerequiste or a training requirement, the Womb Surround must have a minimum of 4 participants.

Workshops that fill shortly after posting. Contact the facilitators directly: Regina Bucher (in-person), Cherionna Menzam (on zoom).

JULY 2024

Cherionna Menzam-Sills, July 18-21, zoom (base is the UK-full)

Frank Carbone, July 19-22, Queens, NYC, NY (note change of dates)

Regina Beucher and Klaus Buecher, July 25-28, Merdingen, Germany (in German)

AUGUST, 2024

Mary Jackson and Kristin Sipley, Oak View (near Ventura), CA

Tara Blasco, August 10-13, Ojai, CA (1 space available as of 7/15)

Lin Vermeiren, August 30-Sept 1, Girona, Spain (in English)


Scott Engler, September 19-22, Petaluma, CA


Sabera Dringenberg, October 3-6, Offenburg, Germany (in German)

Cherionna Menzam-Sills, October 3-6, zoom (base is the UK - full)

Mary Jackson probably with Alex Lobba, October 8-12, Trieste, Italy (In English)

Regina Beucher and Klaus Buecher, October 10-13 Merdingen, Germany (in German)

Regina Beucher and Klaus Kaeppeli October 23-26 - St Gallen, Switzerland (in German, priority to trainees, others may apply)

Scott Engler, October 31-November 3, Petaluma, CA


Scott Engler, October 31-November 3, Petaluma, CA

Lin Vermeiren, November 1-3, Girona, Spain (in Spanish or English depending on signups)

Claudia Koehler and Bodhi Marion Kotowsky, Nov 14-17, Dresden, Germany (in German)

Sabera Dringenberg, November 21-24 - Offenburg, Germany (in German)

Regina Beucher and Klaus Kaeppeli, November 21-24, Merdingen, Germany (in German, priority to trainees, others may apply)

Lin Vermeiren, November 1-3, Girona, Spain (in Spanish or English depending on signups)


Cherionna Menzam-Sills, December 5-8, zoom (base is the UK-full)

Tara Blasco with Natalie Garvey, December 6-9, Ojai, CA

MAY, 2025

Charisse Basquin and Klaus Kaeppeli, Scotland

June, 2025

Not everyone who is approved currently offers Womb Surrounds. Those who are actively offering are starred (*). A 'P' following the * means 'in-person'. A 'Z' following the star means 'zoom'

The 2nd column, first line is where the facilitator lives, the 2nd column, 2nd line is where they offer Womb Surrounds. If there is no 2nd line, they work only where they live.

Workshops are in English unless otherwise stated. Workshops by Claudia Koehler, Klaus Kaeppeli, Regina Bucher and Sabera Dringenberg are in German only. Carme Renalias, Lin Vermeiren and Rebecca MacSween offer workshops in both English and Spanish (usually one or the other). Everyone else, please assume the workshops are in English.

Name and Email or Website Location: Lives/Offers Womb Surrounds Phone
Alison Greene-Barton, RCST®
Amherst, MA (United States) 805 276-8207
(*P) Carme Renalias, RCST®
Fontcoberta (Spain)
various cities in Spain
+34 629 291-654
Chantek McNeilage, RCST
chantekmary(at)live.co.uk www.becomingmindful.co.uk
Essex, England (United Kingdom) +44 07970 181 775 (cell)
(*PZ) Charisse Basquin, DC, MSc
earlyimprintsuk(at)gmail.com www.earlyimprints.co.uk
Anstruther, Fife, Scotland (UK)
UK, Europe, Turkey, Taiwan
+44 7531 863160
(*Z) Cherionna Menzam-Sills, PhD, RSMT/E, RCST
Devon (United Kingdom), zoom, UK time +44 7801-515-865
(*PZ) Cindy Barnum, LMT, RCST, CD(Dona)
Florence, OR
Florence OR and Fresno, CA (US)
541 991-6217
(*P) Claudia Koehler, PT
Dresden (Germany) +49 351-2679271
(*P) Cynthia Cutting, CNP, SEP, BCST, CNMret
Williamsville, VT (US)
Williamsville, VT (US) and Squamish, BC (Canada)
917 902-6114
(*P) David Haas, B.Sc.(Hons), RPP, RCST
Surrey, England (UK)
Surry, England (UK) and Malling, Denmark
+44 7715 171075
(*PZ) Eileen Sendrey, CMT
Santa Cruz, CA (United States) 408 892-2820
(*PZ) Frank Carbone
Queens, NY (US)
Queens, NY & Maryland (US))+zoom
+805 320-7985
(*P) Gitte Virkmann Larsen, RPE
Malling, Denmark and Perth/Sydney, Australia 45 8693 0377
(*P) Judyth Weaver, PhD, RCST®, SEP, SAL, RMP
Cortes Island, BC (Canada)
Cortes Island, BC Canada and Seattle, WA (US)
415 548-0365
(*P) Kevin Davis®, LCSW, LMFT, LCAS, SEP
Charlotte, NC (United States) 704 807-8939
(*P) Klaus Kaeppeli, dipl.psych.FSP
Eggersriet, CH-9034 (Switzerland) +41 7122 34891
(*P) Kristin Sipley, RCST®
Santa Cruz, CA (United States)
CA, CO, OH, NC, MA, FL (US), Japan, willing to travel, zoom
831 295-8384
(*P) Lin Vermeiren
Girona (Spain) +34-690-179-969
(*P) Mary Jackson, RN, LM, RCST®
Ventura, CA (United States)
Ventura, CA (US), Italy
805 649-3063
Myrna Martin, MN, RCC, RCST®
Comox, Vancouver Island, BC (Canada) 250 509-1033
(*P) Rebecca MacSween, RCST;
Madrid (Spain)
Madrid, Spain and Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
(*P) Regina Buecher, RPP, RCST, dipl.Heilpaed
Merdingen (Germany) +49 7668 950764
(*P) Sabera Dringenberg, Heilpraktikerin, BCST
Stuttgart(Germany) +49 176 4200 5788
(*P) Sarah Theismann, MA, CMP, SEP, CSB
Berkeley, CA (United States),
Berkeley, CA, Hungary, Croatia
(*P) Scott Engler, MA, RCST, BCST
Petaluma, CA (United States) 707 953-1441
Susan Lange, OMD, LAc
www.meridianholistic.com, thebirthdance.com, playformula.com
Patagonia, Arizona (United States) 310 395-9525 x2#
(*P) Tara Blasco, PhD, RCST®
Ojai, CA (United States) 805 570-4314 (cell)