Tara Blasco, PhD, RCST® and sometimes Mary Jackson, RN, LM, RCST® will be offering a training in Spain starting with an online Part A, May, 2022, followed by in-person modules 1-8 in Spain, starting in September, in English, translated to Spanish. http://formacioncastelliino.es/en/

Mary Jackson, RN, LM, RCST® and Tara Blasco, PhD, RCST®, are planning to offer another Foundation Training. You can read about the course content below as it will be the same as T15. The structure and prerequisites are different for T17 than T15 and are outlined here.

Module A: "Building Somatic Skills", is open to anyone and required of those considering attending T17. It lays the foundation for the course material in Modules 1-8. If you know now that you are interested in exploring attending T17, you are encouraged to attend Module A in July of 2022.

PREREQUISITE to applying for the next Foundation Training. EITHER:

Attend a womb surround (online or in person) with an approved womb surround facilitator (see list on www.castellinotraining.com/process.) For these, contact the individual practitioner(s) to find out what they are offering and to register.


Attend a SEQUENCING WORKSHOP online (See Home page for information about a previous Sequencing Workshop to learn what it is about). The only Sequencing Workshop scheduled between now and October 2023 will be January 14, 15, 17, 18, 2023 on zoom. It will be hosted by www.online.castellinotraining.com. You can read about the previous Sequencing workshop there, as the format will be the same.

The T15 Foundation Training is currently being offered on zoom. This is the 15th training that we are offering, the 1st having started in 1995. This Foundation Training began October, 2019. The course will meet approximately every 4 months on zoom or in-person depending on what is possible. We offered a new module in October, 2019 as Module A with Raymond Castellino, DC(ret), RPE, RCST® co-teaching with Anna Chitty, RPP, BCST, SEP, ABD. An Intro to craniosacral work is not longer required though any experience with cranioscaral work, especially biodynamic craniosacral work is recommended. The 2nd-9th meetings (Modules 1-8) follow the curriculum previously taught as M1-8. Module 1 was co-taught by Ray Castellino and Tara Blasco, PhD, RCST® in Ojai. After a long transition including Ray's passing, Module 2-8 will be offered by Tara Blasco and Mary Jackson, RN, LM, RCST® Modules 2, 3 and 4 are online on zoom. We are hoping to resume in person as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we will continue on zoom.

Completing the Foundation Training will give you access to graduate trainings and mentorship programs that include assisting Womb Surrounds, offering your own womb surrounds with supervision,co-facilitating WSs, participating in online supervision groups, attending SBTM Family Practitioner Trainings and possibly becoming a trainer in the field.

This training has built into it a number of unique and integrating factors that will enhance your ability to integrate and traverse the complicated layers inherent in pre and peri-natal studies. These factors include:

  • Curriculum design that follows the flow of nervous system development.
  • Integrating tempo and pace that is consistent with the developmental needs of pre-nates, babies and children.
  • Governing principles that support co-regulation in group, families and individuals.
  • A therapeutic form developed by Dr. Castellino that has been clinically proven since 1992.
  • The Somatic BlueprintTM and PPN conceptual framework is evolved throughout the training through a training system that begins with experience, exploration of preverbal experience emerging into language and a conceptual framework for the SPTM work.
  • Immersion into the energetic and somatic sensation base for anchoring into blueprint energies and differentiating PPN imprint implicit somatic memories.

In-person and hybrid dates are Saturday-Thursday (last day ending by 1 pm); zoom only workshops were spread out over 2 months with Part A and Part B:

  • 2019: October 26-31 (Module A in person)
  • 2020: February 8-13, (Module 1 in person)
  • 2021: February 6-7, 9-10 (Part 2A on zoom); March 13-14, 16-17 (Part 2B on zoom)
  • 2022: June 5-6, 8-9 (Part 3A on zoom); July 7-8, 10-11 (Module 3B on zoom).
  • 2022: February 12-13,15-16 on zoom (module 4A on zoom) March 2-3, 5-6 (Module 4B on zoom)
  • 2022: June 4-9 (Module 5) hybrid in-person and on zoom
  • 2022: Oct 22-27 (Module 6) hybrid in-person and on zoom 9:30-12:30, 2:30-5:30
  • 2023: February 11-16 (Module 7) hybrid in-person and on zoom 9:30-12:30, 2:30-5:30
  • 2023: June 3-8 (module 8) hybrid in-person and on zoom 9:30-12:30, 2:30-5:30

Prior to applying to the T15 Foundation Training, applicants were required to take at least one Process Workshop with Ray or a certified womb surround facilitator. It was recommended that potential trainees actually attend a womb surround co-facilitated by Ray so they could experience each other. This requirement is changed for the upcoming TT17 training, starting in October 2023. The approved facilitators are listed at the bottom of the page on our website under 'Womb Surrounds'.

This Castellino Foundation Training, like other Castellino Foundation Trainings, will be videotaped. The videotapes will be used for anyone who misses time to be able to catch up. The videos will also be used/viewed by graduates of this and previous trainings who are studying to be trainers of the Castellino approach to Pre and perniatal work.

Note for Trainees/Graduates of Foundation Trainings 1-14

For access to course materials and graduate contact information please contact Sandra by phone: (805) 687-2897 or email: sandra(at)castellinotraining.com.

Who Benefits from the Training?

Trainees in the Casellino Foundation Training come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and skills. They have included bodyworkers, polarity therapists, cranial workers, chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, nurses, medical doctors, midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, infant massage therapists, regular and special education teachers, counselors, and psychologists. Many of these practitioners were already doing some form of prenatal and birth work. Others were very new to this form of work. They all share a profound interest in working with babies, children, families, and/or adults for the purpose of resolving prenatal and birth trauma.

About the Foundation Training

The Castellino Foundation Training is designed to teach or enhance your skills in:

  • Holding therapeutic presence;
  • Establishing and supporting co-regulated connection in small groups and families;
  • Developing awareness of blueprint energies and differentiating the from imprints;
  • Developing awareness of the Social Field Phenomena and connection wth baseline Blueprint energies;
  • Tracking somatic, energetic and fluid tide rhythms to assess and facilitate the resolution of prenatal and birth stress and trauma;
  • Identification of your own prenatal and birth countertransference issues so you can develop the skill of effectively translating the energy of your activations into effective and compassionate therapy;
  • Relating the client's present experience, behavior and emotional states to prenatal and birth imprinting in function and structure;
  • Recognizing and diffentiating prenatal and birth imprinting in body language, body structure, movement, personality and character structure in babies, children and adults;
  • Establishing group social nervous system, co-regulated relational fields and connection within families and small groups as primary resources for individuals with the group or family;
  • Developing the felt sense of blueprint energies and slow rhythms as baseline references for resources with in families, small groups and individuals so that participants and family members may effectively explore and resolve early traumatic imprinting;
  • Recognizing the way prenatal and birth imprinting affects family dynamics, and knowing how to work with infants and children within their family systems;
  • Holding clear and effective therapeutic boundaries in the context of prenatal and birth therapy;
  • Using therapeutic verbal, energetic and touch skills in the context of Somatic Blueprint principles;
  • Making contact with others from your own experience, and identifying and working with your own prenatal and birth patterns;
  • Facilitating babies, children and their parents in BEBA style family sessions;
  • Facilitating adults in small group Womb Surround Process Workshops;

Skills Assessment:

When I began writing the curriculum for training PPN Practitioners I wrote two outlines. One is a content outline, the other a skills outline. The skills outline became a Skills Assessment. Click here to view a Skills Assessment trainees fill in near the beginning and the end of the training for the purpose of reflecting on their own development.

Trainees begin with a myriad of different skills. Exercises, homework and small and large group discussions are designed to enhance those skills. Some of the craniosacral skills are listed for the benefit of those who have already taken a full c/s training.

Module Details: Module A and Modules 1-8

Each training module covers a specific area of learning. The curriculum is designed to give you an overview of the work and to build specific therapeutic skills in a progressive and layered manner using didactic instruction, facilitation skills and personal experiential exploration. Skills for facilitation of adults in small groups and families in infant/child- centered settings are emphasized throughout the training.

  • Module A - Preparation: Presence, Connection, Blueprint

    Previously the Foundation Training was 8 Modules. In the first module we combined introducing the basic skill set with Conception Journey dynamics. This has proven to be too large of a task. So, beginning with T15, we will begin with Module A as an introduction to practical presence and hands on skills that we will deepen in throughout the whole training.

    There are five basic areas of skills we will introduce in this module:

      1. Tracking tempo and establishing integrative rhythms with the blueprint.
      2. Connecting with ourselves and others through presence, listening and with touch.
      3. Dynamic Creative Squeeze and Opposition..
      4 Story showing movement.
      5. How to employ the Principles and Therapeutic Form.

  • Module I - The Preconception and Conception Journey

    Including introduction to the Polarity Paradigm, shock imprinting and developing the internal reference structure for prenatal and birth therapy are this module's primary subject areas. We will present a paradigm that looks at the energetic dynamics of the conception journey, including pre-conception, conception through implantation.

    The skills introduced in this module include therapeutic centering, orienting, tracking autonomic cycling and related fluid tide dynamics, modulating therapeutic pace or tempo, identifying resource behaviors, recognizing the therapeutic leading edge, and differentiating between trauma and shock imprinting.

  • Module II - Bonding and Attachment/h4>

    Covers the bonding process from early prenatal through post-birth time. The issues of connection and separation are primary themes as are issues of receiving nutrition and emotional nurturing. This module covers:

    • How early imprinting affects future relationship formation, and individual motivation patterns.
    • Prenatal implantation dynamics, the development of the placenta and the umbilical cord.
    • Energetic umbilical dynamics, and related movement imprinting.
    • Birth dynamics, the cutting of the umbilical cord, newborn self-attachment behaviors and the nature of the baby's first contact with her mother and father after birth.
    • The baby's ability to attach to his/her mother emotionally, at the breast and the establishment of healthy nursing patterns.
    • Specific therapeutic protocols for resourcing, resolving and repatterning bonding and attachment trauma and a means for establishing nursing with babies who are unable to nurse or having difficulty with nursing.

  • Module III - Birth Imprinting

    Covers the vaginal birth process, birth stages, pelvic types, cranial molding, birth movement patterns and an introduction to infant craniopathy. It introduces tracking fluid tide dynamics and tracking stage specific birth movement patterns. By the end of the workshop, each of you will describe your personal birth passage to a small peer group. Your birth passage session will be videotaped and you will receive a copy for your personal studies.

  • Module IV - Chemical Imprinting

    Covers imprinting from anesthesia, nicotine, fetal alcohol and drug syndromes. We will look at the effects of chemical imprinting on prenates and babies' psyches, their movement patterns, their energy patterns and the development of the central nervous system. Specific protocols for resolving and repatterning of chemical imprinting are covered. A new theory is presented explaining the way chemical imprinting affects the function of the cerebral spinal fluid system. Your understanding of the cranial / sacral fluid tide system and the embryonic development of the brain will be enhanced so that you can use your visualization, energetic sensing, fluid tide palpation, and bodywork skills to support the resolution of traumatic chemical imprinting.

  • Module V - Surgical Imprinting

    Covers forceps, vacuum extraction, cesarean section, circumcision and prenatal and infant surgery. You will learn how to identify signature cranial molding patterns, movement patterns and psychological impacts of each birthing style. You will learn the cranial impacts of forceps and vacuum extraction as well as specific treatment protocols for each type of surgical intervention. We will explore the effect of these procedures on physical structure and on the expression of the body's energy and fluid tide systems.

  • Module VI and VII - Life Death Loss, Double Binds, Family and Group Dynamics

    Double bind or paradoxical imprints provide the most complicated dynamics in the PPN field. Double binds amplify practitioner counter-transference issues and complications for facilitating groups and families. This subject matter is saved for the seventh and eighth Foundation Training modules because the dynamics of these trauma impacts provide the practitioner with the greatest counter-transference challenges in the prenatal and birth therapy field. The curricula of the first six modules is designed to build the trainees' understanding, perception, presence and therapeutic skills so that they are more prepared to explore the effects of double binds in effective and compassionate ways.

    Having two modules devoted to developing skills for facilitating double binds give plenty of space to explore the depth of these early complicated imprints. Special attention is given to how double bind imprints affects families and group dynamics.

    Module VI Focuses on ancestral influences and twin dynamics and twin loss. Ancestral influences on individuation are explored to differentiate twin and ancestral imprinting. Twin embryonic and placental development are correlated with twin behavior later in life. Lost twin syndrome affects on singleton behavior is covered. You will learn to identify twin psychological imprinting, the counter-transference / transference issues involved and twin dynamic therapeutic protocols. Breech birth presentation is covered in this module because a high percentage of breech presentations have occur during twin births.

    Module VII focuses on adoption, previous abortion and miscarriage, abortion attempts, traumatic impacts of death in the family during pregnancy, stillbirth and infant sibling loss, A.R.T. (Assisted Reproductive Technology) and NICU experience. The skills for facilitating double bind dynamics are further developed and refined in this module.

  • Module VIII Family and Small Group Practice

    This module is designed to transition the practitioner from foundation skill building into a model for family and small group practice. It covers:

    • The structural components for a process session both with adults in a Process Workshop setting and with families in infant/child-centered family settings.
    • Organization of BEBA: A Center for Family Healing.
    • Questions about clinical practice.
    • Demonstration session by Dr. Castellino including a complete debriefing which focuses on recognizing the principles utilized.
    • Each trainee will give and receive a supervised process session in a small group setting.
    • Creating and sharing a one and five-year plan for integrating the work into your practice and life.


The current Foundation is in process and not available to join. Information here is to give you an idea about applying to a future FT

Prerequisite to Applying to T15

  • Take at least one Womb Surround Process Workshop with an approved womb surround (process) workshop facilitator. It is recommended that this be within the last 3 years.
  • The previous requirement of a 5-day introduction to biodynamic craniosacral work will NOT be required for the T15 US training beginning October, 2019. Instead, the Foundation Training itself will be 9 modules instead of the previous 8. The first module will set the ground for the rest of the training experience in terms of skills of presence, connection and flow, dynamic tides, etc that Ray wants trainees to be familiar with.

  • We will not accept applications from anyone who uses nicotine or recreational/ceremonial drugs in any amount for any reason or who is addicted to alcohol or any medical drug. Use of medical marijuana must be disclosed in the application and will be considered on an individual basis. Applicants must have a commitment to themselves and the people they work with that they will be nicotine and recreational/ceremonial drug free from the time of application through completion of the Foundation Training and must have the intention to abstain for the rest of their lives. This includes drugs used for spiritual ceremonies.
  • A commitment to abstain from alcohol the day before and during all workshops and training modules including breaks & evenings is required.

APPLICATION PROCESS FOR T15 starting in 2019

This is a digital application – Return the following to Sandra Castellino at cindy.castellinotraining@gmail.com. Do NOT send anything to trainers directly. Cindy will receive your applications and send them to Ray/Mary/Tara when they are complete
  • A digital picture (headshot) of you (alone) emailed with your written application (one that you would be ok to have posted on a password protected part of our website for training participants should you become part of the training). Do NOT imbed this in your application. To be usable, it needs to be a separate attachment from the written application. Send the picture even if you have previously sent a picture to Sandra.
  • The typed (not hand-written) application to the Foundation Training which is in Word or RTF form below.
  • Payment of the application fee.
  • Digital application for a womb surround Most of you who have attended a womb surround in the last few will have this on your computer. If not, click the application button at the top of the womb surround page and fill in the long form, preferably in Word, with answers in bold. Return in Word, if possible.
  • Interview. Most applicants will interview with some or all of Mary, Tara, Ray. Cindy Barnum will set up interviews as needed. You can coordinate with her about your availability via cindy.castellinotraining@gmail.com. The next interviews will take place June 28: 9:30-11:30 am CA time and July 31: 2:30-4:30 CA time.. Cindy can be reached by email at cindy.castellinotraining@gmail.com or cell: 541 991-6217.
  • Read the Student Contract below BEFORE applying.
If accepted, securing a place in the training includes:

  • payment of deposit (on time in 2 separate payements) and

  • returning the last page of the signed student contract snail mailed within 10 days of acceptance or scanned & emailed within 2 weeks of acceptance.

Payment of Application Fee

  • Application cost is $105 by cc/paypal /$100 by check or cash. Application cost is in addition to / separate from the cost of the training. It is the cost for applying.
  • By check: ($100) Send a $100 check made out to Castellino Training, Corp. , & mailed to Cindy Barnum, 2036 Grande Avenue, Ojai, CA 93023.
  • By paypal, ($105) our ID for the application ONLY is: cindy.castellinotraining@gmail.com. Send as 'goods and services' NOT friends and family, Castellino Training pays the fees.
  • By credit card ($105). Please ask Sandra to bill you through Square. Sandra is only available certain dates (see application) to offer this.

Interview by Skype or Zoom

Once Cindy has acknowledged your completed application (photo, FT application, WS application, payment), she will contact you to schedule an appointment to talk with one or more of the Mary/Tara/Ray. 541 991-6217 or cindy.castellinotraining@gmail.com.

Application Forms for T15

Applications are available for download in RTF and MS Word formats. Applicants are required to be able to download WORD or rtf files for the application and throughout the training. We do not mail hard copies. You may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print handouts.

Student Contract for T15. Please READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING

Please download the T15 Student Contract for all information about timing, location, commitment required, payment due dates, late fees, course material, confidentiality, videotaping, making up missed work, etc. For those who have received notification of acceptance into the training, please download the student contract in pdf or WORD. You can print the last page of the WORD document or pdf, sign it and snail mail it or scan and email it to sandra@castellinotraining.com. We do NOT receive faxes. This must be received by the due date for the first deposit or be mailed 5 days before it is due along with the deposit check/paypal/credit card to complete registration.

Logistical Information

Commitment, Components and Graduation Requirements.

Commitment to all days of all modules including arriving on time and staying to the end of the day including the last day:

The training is designed so that each module has a distinct beginning, middle and ending. Each part of the training is designed to develop important practitioner skills with relationship to tracking early imprint sequences. The beginning of each module sets the tone. The ending period is designed as an integration time. Ray therefore asks that participants commit to being present for all classes. This means arranging transportation to arrive by Friday evening if flying in, and leaving after 1:00 pm on Thursday, the last day. We ask those flying that you commit to taking a flight the next day if leaving after 1:00 p.m. will not allow enough time to catch a flight on Thursday.

In the event that a participant misses any part of a module for emergencies such as emergency health issues, the make-up process includes viewing videofiles of the lecture/discussion portions of the training (for which there is a charge of $25+tax/day or part of a day, plus shipping & cost of the flashdrive if) we provide it and exercises to complete with trainees or assistants prior to returning to the next module. Payment for the module is still due on the dates listed. Missing more than two days of a module may result in also needing to retake the module in a future training in order to graduate.

Components and graduation requirements:

  • Attendance at all modules A, 1-8 : We ask for a clear commitment to attending all nine modules. Dates are listed above, near the top of the page. There is a make-up process found in the Student Contract for those who cannot avoid missing part or all of one module.
  • Womb Surround Process Workshops: All trainees must attend a total of four Womb Surround Process Workshops (PW) with Ray or a certified Womb Surround Process Workshop Facilitator:
    • At least 1 is required before application to the Foundation Training, preferably during the past 3 years; more are recommended.
    • 1 of the 4 Womb Surround Process Workshops is recommended to have been with Ray. 3 may be if that is your choice.
    • 1 of the 4 Womb Surround Process Workshops must be with Mary Jackson or Tara Blasco. 3 may be if that is your choice
    • Up to 3 Womb Surround Process Workshops taken before the Foundation Training count.
    • At least one Womb Surround Process Workshop must be taken after attending Module One of the Foundation Training.
    • Up to 2 Womb Surround Process workshops may be taken with an Approved Womb Surround Process Workshop Facilitator other than Ray, Mary or Tara. Anyone wanting to assist Tara or Tara should plan to attend at least one womb surround with her. Assisting opportunities may first be available after completing 3 womb surrounds, 6 modules and being current with homework and payment -- if there is space available
  • Creative Home Projects between the training modules.
  • Communicating with other trainees between modules for peer support.
  • Time of day for all modules held in-person

  • Satruday: Arrive 8:45 am if you have any transactions with Sandra; normal registration 9 am to 9:15 am, class starts promptly at 9:30 am & goes to 5:45-6:00 pm with a 2-hour lunch break
  • Sunday-Thursday: Office hours 9:00-9:30 am, Class starts promptly at 9:30 am - 5:45-6:00 pm with a 2-hour lunch break.
  • Thursday: Office hours 9:00-9:30 am, Class starts promptly at 9:30 am - 1:00 pm with no lunch break.
  • Location for the Foundation Training modules held in Person for at least the first two modules:

    • Ojai, CA, Byron Katie's Center, 213 N Montgomery Street, Ojai, CA 93023

    Costs for the 9 modules of the Fundation Training - Updated to reflect the module date changes

    Payment plans: The deposit is in 2 sections: a non-refundable deposit will hold your place, then a larger deposit due in July/August. Then 9 payments are due 1 month before each module. There is a price break for paying by check, cash, money order or travelers' checks rather than by credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover only, not American Express. Payments are considered on time if they originate by 5 days before the due date OR are received by the due date. Originate means give credit card, initiate wires, paypal, postmark (mail) checks, Traveler's checks, Money orders

    • Payment Schedule: Non-refundable Deposit: of $660 (credit card, paypal) / $640 (check, cash, travelers checks) due 2 weeks after email acceptance sent or June 17, whichever is later + 2nd deposit due 7/27 of $1645/$1590, then $1299 / $1255 per module due 1 month before each module. Checks should be postmarked 5 days before the due date to be considered ontime Late fees apply.
    Date for mailing/wiring/give cc Date Due for paypal Price Credit Card/Paypal Price cash/check/TC/MO
    2 weeks from email acceptance
    or June 12, whichever is later
    2 weeks from email acceptance
    or June 17, whichever is later
    $660 $640
    (2nd deposit) 7/27/19 (2nd deposit) 8/1/19 $1645 $1590
    (Module A)9/21/19 (Module A)9/26/19 $1299 $1255
    (Module 1) 01/03/20 (Module 2) 01/08/20 $1299 $1255
    (Module 2) 01/01/21 Module 2) 01/06/21 $1099 $1055
    (Module 3) 04/29/21 (Module 3) 5/05/21 $1099 $1055
    (Module 4) 01/12/22 (Module 4) 01/12/22 $1099 $1055
    (Module 5) 04/29/22 (Module 5) 05/04/22 $1199 $1155
    (Module 6) 09/16/22 (Module 6) 09/21/22 $1199 $1155
    (Module 7) 1/06/23 (Module 7) 1/11/23 $1199 $1155
    (Module 8) 4/30/23 (Module 8) 5/3/23 $1199 $1155
    Total cost   $12,996 $12,525

    Late fees of $5/day up to 5% apply to all late payments. Payments are considered late if they are not received by the due date or postmarked (or sent by paypal or wire) by 5 days before (US) or 1 week before (outside US).

    Womb Surround Process Workshops

    The cost for womb surrounds is not included in the tuition for the 9 modules of the Foundation Training.

    Other costs

    The only other required expense is for a doll and cloth pelvis used for visualizing the birth process. These will be available to buy at the beginning of module 3 for about $200. Paypal and Credit cards/paypal will be accepted for 4% additional.

    Books, booklets, papers and videos by Dr. Castellino and others are available for sale during the modules. A recommended reading list will be available on the website.


    Trainees Comment...

    "Ray's training has brought a deep level of compassion and sensitivity into my life and my work. Ray's ability to teach from a learner's perspective makes the work easy to absorb. A kinesthetic 'knowing' seems to grow spontaneously. His work with babies and families is truly awesome. In accessing the brilliant clear consciousness of the prenate, the birth work gives a powerful resource for resolving early trauma."

    -Anna Chitty, R.P.P., RCST®

    "My experience of training with Ray Castellino has been both personally transforming and professionally rewarding. Through his remarkable skills as a therapist I have been able to reconnect with my earliest emotional imprints in a way that has been deeply healing and now guides my work with clients. Ray's teaching skill is to blend complex cross-disciplinary information with personal process and integration in a way that is exciting, comprehensive, systematic, hands-on, effective and downright fun. He models for me how to be self-honest, knowledgeable and deeply contactful yet respectful of boundaries. Being with Ray as he works with babies and their families has shown me what remarkable potential there is for understanding what babies have to tell me and how I can support their process of liberating the energies bound up in prenatal and birth trauma."

    -Claire Leverant, Childbirth Educator

    "The Castellino Prenatal and Birth training is a rare opportunity to be in the vanguard of the exploration of a mysterious and largely uncelebrated frontier of human understanding. There is an exciting sense that one is participating in the birth of a new body of knowledge and practice, one with far reaching consequences for the way we live. For me it has been important that the excitement is not only intellectual: the knowledge and practice are integrated, and the trainee must draw on her or his whole life experience for understanding a survey which offers fresh vistas and unexpected connections. This means the training itself is transformational, yet brimming with multidisciplinary information brought together in a newly coherent form. Ray is both a visionary and an extraordinary teacher who is passionately committed to a single process that encompasses research, healing, and the training of professionals. His attunement and the format he has created ensure that the emphasis is on the process of assimilation rather than content; in practice, I've found that means the knowledge is not something I must remember, but rather a part of my experience that becomes available as needed."

    -Jim Thomas, M.A.

    Colleagues Write...

    "Ray Castellino is at the forefront of a healing movement that is taking us into the next century. In his work with infants and children, Ray extends a sensitivity and grace in healing early trauma that is revolutionary, compassionate and effective. It is a privilege and a gift to study with this man."

    -Peter Levine, Ph.D., Author of Waking the Tiger, Developer of Somatic Experiencing

    "I have been associated with Dr. Castellino for many years. His warmth and integrity have always touched me deeply. He has become one of the world's leading lights in the field of Prenatal and Birth Psychology. His work in his area of special interest, the healing of prenatal and birth trauma in infants, is elegant and insightful. His training in this is easily the most in-depth and sensitive available. His teaching is done with humor, clarity and the highest standards. I highly recommend his training to anyone interested in healing the foundations of our defended and damaged selves at the very beginning of our journey in this world."

    -Franklyn Sills, Craniosacral teacher, author of The Polarity Process, Director of the Karuna Institute