with Mary Jackson, RN, LM, RCST® and Tara Blasco, Ph.D., RCST®

Please join us for the second offering of post-graduate Family Practitioner Training open to graduates and almost graduates of a Castellino Foundation Training in the US and Europe as well as other Foundation Trainings based on the Castellino model.

Tara and Mary designed with Ray in 2019 this comprehensive training that continues to be facilitated by Mary and Tara. This will focus on supporting you to move through your next growth steps, developing the skills you need to support deepening the quality of relationships within the families that you work with and to train parents to be with their children in the Blueprint field.

In English, Translated to Spanish

The Format

    TWO MODULES with days 1, 2, 4, 5 as teaching days and the middle day devoted to working with peers in pods. Mary and Tara will be teaching via zoom. See below for content of these modules
      Dates for 2 5-day Modules:
      • November 1-2, 4-5, 2023 (with November 3 dedicated to pod sessions)
      • October 26-27, 29-30, 2024 (with Oct 28 dedicated to pod sessions)

      Schedule for 5-day Modules:
      • US Pacific time (1st session 9-11 am); (11am-12pm break); (2nd session 12-2pm)
      • Spain: (17 to 19 1st session) (19-20 break); (20-22 second session)
      • This is 8 hours difference between Pacific Time and Spain time because of the different days that the 2 countries change from Daylight Saving to Regular Time.
      In person options
    • Participants in Europe/Spain are encouraged to meet in person at el Casal (Barcelona Province) to participate in the zoom sessions together. During their free time in the mornings/early afternoons they are asked to practice exercises and sessions with each other as well as have a practice session day on the 3rd day of the module.
    • Participants in the US are encouraged to meet in person as well, as peers, wherever they want to do so, maybe in small pods in different areas. They are asked to practice exercises and sessions in the afternoons as well as have a practice session day on the 3rd day of the module.
    8 Monthly 3-hour Online Meetings BETWEEN the Two Modules, One day (Thursday or Friday) a month: between 10:00 am - 1 pm Pacific time and 19-22 in Spain time. See below for content of these meetings These will be recordings available to participants who are not able to attend every online call. Calls will be led by both Mary and Tara unless indicated. Dates for online calls:
      • 2023: December 7th (Thursday)
      • 2024: Jan 19th (Friday), Feb 22nd (Thursday), March 21 (Mary only, Thursday), April 18 (Thursday), May 16th (Thursday), June 27th (Thursday), July 25th (Thursday)
      • Break-no meetings: August, September, October, 2024
    8 Monthly 3 to 3.5-hour Online Meetings AFTER the 2nd Module, providing students an opportunity for supervision for their work with families. One day (Thursday or Friday) a month: 10:00 am - 1 pm (or 1:30 pm as needed) Pacific time and 19-22 (or 22.5 pm as needed) in Spain time. See below for contact of these meetings These will be recordingss available to participants who are not able to attend every online call. Calls will be led by both Mary and Tara unless indicated. Dates for online calls:
    • 2024: November 22nd (Friday), December 19th (Thursday)
    • 2025: Jan 23th (Thursday), Feb 28 (Friday), March 20 (Mary only, Thursday), April 17th (Thursday), May 22nd (Thursday), June 19th (Thursday)
Contact for these is Sandra Castellino. Email. Phone: 805 687-2897.

Open to Graduates and those who attended most of a Castellino Training

Those who completed most of a training and have perhaps homework or womb surrounds to take or a module to make up are welcome to sign up. Graduation from the Family Practitioner Training requires graduation from a Foundation Training so you will have 2 more years to complete your Foundation Training requirements. Those who attended trainings with teachers other than Ray, Mary, Tara, please contact Sandra. You are welcome also.

Graduation Requirements:

Graduates will be identified on the Castellino Training website as Family Practitioner Training Graduates
  • Complete requirements to graduate from a Foundation Training (this is needed to graduate, not to start).
  • Attend all sessions or make up the sessions by watching the zoom videos plus doing any exercises.
  • you missed with peers or assistants and submitting a write-up about your learning.
  • Present a video of your work with families in the supervision format.
  • Complete payment for the Family Practitioner Training as well as the Foundation Training.
  • Contact Information

  • For Graduates of US or Canadian Trainings contact Sandra Castellino for information or registration,
  • For Graduates of the Spain Training or other European trainings or if you may want to attend the 2 modules at Casals in Spain, contact Tara Blasco for information and Olga Molina for registration
  • Sign up by paying the Deposit

    If you are a Castellino Foundation Training graduate or almost graduate from the US,. signing up is done by paying the non-refundable deposit. There is no other application procedure. Those who attended other trainings, please contact Sandra at sandra(at))

    The non-refundable deposit has 2 options: There is a $30 early bird discount for paying the deposit by early August. Then 4 more payments are due. You are welcome to pay for the whole training at once or make payments sooner than the required date. You can also send checks postdated to the due date

    There is an additional price break for paying by check, cash, money order or travelers' checks rather than by credit card or Paypal. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover only, not American Express and only US credit cards. Check payments are considered on time if they postmarked by 5 days before the due date OR are received by the due date.

    How to Pay. All payments for the training will be sent to Sandra Castellino:

    PayPal please send to sandra(at) as 'goods and services,' NOT 'friends and family'. We want to stay in integrity with PayPal.

    Check or Money Order make out to "Castellino Training," mail to Castellino Training, 1105 N Ontare Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.

    Checks should be postmarked 5 days (7 days if from out of the USA) before the due date to be considered on time. See the table below for mailing dates. Late fees apply.
    Date for mailing/give cc Date Due for Paypal Price Credit Card/Paypal Price cash/check/MO
    (Non-refundable Deposit) if mailed by 9/3/23 (Non-refundable Deposit) if received by 9/8/23 $650 $625
    (Non-refundable Deposit) if mailed after 9/3/23 (Non-refundable Deposit) if received after 9/8/23 $690 $665
    (Module 1), September 26, 2023 (Module 1)(), October 2, 2023 $690 $665
    (1st set of monthly meetings), January 4, 2024 (1st set of monthly meetings), January 9, 2024 $690 $665
    (Module 2) 9/21/24 (Module 2) 9/26/24 690 665
    (2nd set of monthly meetings), 1/7/25 (2nd set of monthly meetings), 1/2/25 $690 $665
    Total cost   $3450 / ($3410 with early bird discount) $3325 / ($3285 with early bird discount)

    Late fees of $5/day up to 5% apply to all late payments. Payments are considered late if they are not received by the due date for PayPal or checks/money order postmarked by 5 days before (US) or 1 week before (outside US).


    The deposit is non-refundable. You will be refunded for any part of the training that has not happened if you pay in advance. The fee for the 3 hour monthly sessions is due after the sessions start, to help spread the payments out. Anyone who cancels will be charged for monthly meetings that have already taken place.

    Other costs

    The only other costs would be if you travel to meet in pods. There are no other costs for the training itself

    Two Modules - Content

    During the TWO modules we will share with you the entirety of the BEBA Clinical process, Including:
  • How to set up a Family Clinic.
  • Set up peer support teams.
  • Tour of the BEBA Clinic.
  • How to progress through all of the steps for sessions with families with babies and children of different ages.
  • We will look at videos of family sessions facilitated by Mary, Ray and Tara from a practitioner point of view and share with you our decision making processes during the sessions.
  • Supervision.
  • Content presentations on family practice.
  • Online Meetings - Content

    The online sessions will continue to further present practice topics like: Working with families with sleep issues, sibling rivalry, twins, IVF, integrating new siblings into the family, processing traumatic births, blended families and more. In the zoom sessions after module 2 we will ask you to prepare clips from sessions that you facilitated, and present a clip to receive supervision and feedback support about the session. Presenting a clip of your own work is a requisite for graduation. Online sessions will include:
  • Content presentations on family practice.
  • Supervision sessions.
  • Session analysis as described above.
  • Skills that We Will Cover During the Full Training:

  • How to set up BEBA Style child/baby centered family clinic.
  • How to manage the flow of sessions from taking in new clients, session preparation and review (pre-briefing), doing the sessions through and including post briefs and taking session notes. We will give examples and share with you how to work with parents on the phone or zoom.
  • How to establish intentions with parents on the phone/zoom and and how to learn the intentions of the children.
  • How to facilitate parent pre and post session phone/zoom calls.
  • Know how to facilitate parents and kids so you are able to model for the parents, then gradually include parents into the session play so that parents are learning BEBA parenting skills during the sessions.
  • How to communicate the principles to the parents.
  • How to introduce family work and evening parenting talks. How to facilitate parent and community presentations.
  • How to work in teams.
  • How to be able to video tape and use footage for teaching, for parents, themselves and future teaching.
  • How to drop into the co-regulated slow rhythms, titrate a family system into co- regulated resonant social energy fields.
  • How to support parents to differentiate their own histories from their children’s histories.
  • How to empower dads and or partners into supportive connections with mothers and babies.
  • How to support parents to be cooperative even when they disagree with each other, to get on the same side of the fence with each other.
  • How to reduce and eliminate power struggles within family systems.
  • How to work with families that are separating.
  • How to effectively use your own counter transferences in sessions so you can perceive with greater depth what is happening in a family system.
  • How to support parents to be with their own feelings in ways that deepen their understanding and connection with each other and with their children.
  • How to support optimal bonding and attachment in families.
  • How to do “supported attachment” with new babies and moms.
  • How to establish optimal nursing patterns with babies and moms.
  • How to support families experiencing sibling rivalry, tantrums, challenging emotions, sleep challenges, previous abortions attempts, parent fears, etc.
  • How to help parents with parenting skills and playing skills.
  • How to use Craniosacral skills in the space to invite slower rhythms and use hands on when needed.
  • The Facilitators, Tara Blasco, PhD, RCST® and Mary Jackson, RN, LM, RCST®

    Sequencing Imprints

    Sequencing Imprints

  • Mary is retired from her decades-long career as a home-birth midwife who integrated Ray’s work and craniosacral work into her practice. She has been married since 1987 and is the mother of 2 children born at home.
  • Tara has a PhD in Pre and Pernatal Psychology from the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and is a psychologist in her country of origin, Spain. With her husband Lyn, she co-directs the non-profit organization Global Resource Alliance dedicated to the alleviation of poverty and disease by supporting communities in the Mara region of Tanzania.
  • BEBA: Tara is the Clinical Director of the BEBA family clinic in Ojai, CA and on zoom throughout the US. Tara and Mary serve on the BEBA Board of Directors, Mary being the President of the BOD.
  • Tara and Mary teach the Foundation Training together in the US and Spain. Both Mary and Tara are approved Womb Surround Facilitators as well as Womb Surround Mentors, Family Practitioner Mentors and craniosacral therapists. They each have private practices in person and on zoom. They offer a workshop in Sequencing and another workshop "Building Somatic Skills: Presence, Energetic Connection, Blueprint," through Castellino Training and both offer workshops/presentations through other organizations in the US and abroad.

    Ray and Tara discussing why they're exited about teaching the first Family Practitioner Training

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