Sequencing Imprints

Sequencing Imprints and What To Do About Them
May 18 to 21, 2019 - Portland, Oregon

    This workshop will include:

    • Definitions of blueprint energies, imprints and sequencing imprints.
    • How to identify Sequencing Imprints.
    • How Birth influences Sequencing Imprints.
    • An introduction to the Somatic Blueprint as the primary resource for integrating energy that is locked up in adverse pre and peri-natal imprints.
    • How to reference Somatic Blueprint energies to integrate energy that is constricted in imprints.
    • Session video that shows sequencing imprints.
    • How sequencing imprints affects interpersonal relationship dynamics.
    • How to establish co-regulated states that open the social nervous system and social energetic fields.

    This workshops is designed for professionals and non-professionals alike, who are wanting to know more about how pre and peri-natal experiences profoundly influence how we feel about ourselves, how we perceive others and how we behave.