Ray's Journey

October 21, 2020

Dear Friends,

I wish that I could contact each one of you individually. It’s just that the time it would take is beyond my capacity just now. I want you all to know that I love you very much and am so glad to be your colleague, teacher and friend. On Monday this week, October 19, 2020, I received a CT scan report that says I have a large pancreatic tumor with metastasis to my liver, left adrenal gland and my lungs. I’ve had some health issues for some weeks and it’s taken some time to get appointments so that I can have definitive information.

I want you to know that I am in very good spirits, I feel well cared for spiritually and in all aspects of my being. I have a solid support system for myself and what I need to be doing in the period of time. I am sad. . . I’ve got so many plans for the work and my private life. I so love the life I have and all that I’ve been given to share. I am beyond grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to get to know and grow with you. This very extraordinary opportunity requires that I make radical changes in my life immediately. I will be following many of the same health protocols that my dear friend John Chitty followed which allowed him to live 8 years longer than the medical doctors’ expectations. I do not have a clear prognosis yet. We are working on that. I assure you that I am taking actions to sustain and build my health. And, I also want you to know that I feel totally at peace with whatever my fate is. As of right now I must take a long pause and give attention to the health in my being. This pause means that as of right now I am not able to offer Womb Surrounds, private sessions, classes, trainings or supervision. If you are in current or scheduled classes and trainings, Sandra or Cindy will be directly in contact with you. We will create a webpage with updates on my journey.

I love you.

With gratitude for all we have shared.

October 27, 2020

Video of Ray sharing his process with the current Spanish Foundation Training group.

November 1, 2020

Video of Worldwide Pray for Ray Blueprint Circle

November 3, 2020

Dear Friends,

Hello everyone (and each of you individually!), Well, there’s one kind of overwhelm that’s really good to have, and that’s a “love overwhelm!”. It’s so amazing to feel the effects of all of your good wishes and prayers and loving attention. During the whole call on Sunday, I did not have one ounce of pain. Not even less than an ounce. My heart was uplifted when you guys did the feather lift of the heart. That’s actually the first time that I’ve ever experienced that. I’m usually the one that’s suggesting it. Well the tables turned. It’s an amazing, amazing uplifting warm loving feeling. And mostly the effect of being with all of you is that my mind is still. I continue to feel in very good hands and have extraordinary support. On the medical end, tomorrow, Wednesday, the 4thof November, I will have a biopsy. When I get the results of that, I’ll pass it on. I’m beginning to really get a routine down with my healing program. There’s a few more components to add but they’ll integrate fairly easily. At that, this doing, self-care and attending to my health is a three to five to six-hour job every day. I wish I had time to answer each and every one of you that writes to me. The letters and emails that you're sending are so moving and uplifting. Thank you. The main thing is that if we do anything kind for anybody else, it revibrates everywhere. One act of kindness is good for us, it’s good for our own souls and it’s good for everyone else's. It seems like, right now anyway, it’s my fate to be around here a little while. And we will see. Love to all of you and deep gratitude. Ray


November 13, 2020

Good Morning everyone

What an amazing several weeks. I’m grateful to you all for your sweet love and kindness. Particular gratitude goes out to Tara and Mary for totally taking on the leadership of the training program. Thank you to Sandra and Drew for setting up this page. It’s taken a bit to get this up and running. J will be turning it into a proper blog page soon. This way I can share periodic progress notes without having to repeat the same info repeatedly. Along with helping to set up the blog page, Sandra is being stellar support.

I am totally living moment to moment. I am not at all good at making scheduled plans. Try as I may . . . I get to the appointed planned moment in time and I may want sleep, or meditation, or some distraction or contact. . .Like this entry is being written at 4:15 AM.

I took many important steps these past few weeks. One is that I’ve got an amazing oncologist on my team in the person of Dr. Lee Rosen. Dr. Rosen is head of the UCLA oncology research department. On 4th November my brother, Bob, drove me to the Westridge Ronald Reagan Hospital for a biopsy. While there for the biopsy, they removed 3 ½ liters of fluid from my abdomen. That was a game changer for significantly reducing the pain and pressure in my gut. Seems as my liver is unable to process well, so it is putting off fluid into my gut. This week, on Tuesday my son, Sean, daughter, Sasha, and I went to see Dr. Rosen for results of the biopsy. Yes, I do have adenocarcinoma of the pancreas with metastasis to the liver, left adrenal gland and lungs. As per prognosis, he did not make specific predictions for me. In his knowing anything can happen. And without any treatment . . . people in my condition live 3 to 6 months. If I choose Western chemotherapy (surgery is not an option for me), that could add 1 ½ to 3 years to my life span.

Here I include a portion of a letter that I wrote to Dr. Rosen. I am taking a very proactive approach to my health plan. Dr. Rosen is totally open and supportive of all of my choices. So through him, I have access to the best in imaging and diagnostics that the Western world has to offer. Here is a portion of that letter: I’ve put together an extensive alternative world program for myself. With each of these approaches I know people directly who have used and benefited from them. These include:

  • 1. Spiritual, mental/emotional wellbeing. Daily meditation, regular connection with family, friends and colleagues who are capable of straight honest compassionate presence, being and accurate reflection. Fortunately, I have a wellspring of internally connected, inspired and reflective people around me. This also includes cultivating states of being that promote healing and the free flow of life energy in my body.
  • 2. Ozone Saunas: 30-35 min., 2 times per day. Had a close friend who had prostate cancer with metastasis who extended his life 8 years using Ozone. His oncologist told him that he had 3 mo. to live.
  • 3. Rife machine, from True Rife F-122. Treats energetically with light and sound. Also uses ion foot bath. Have several friends who have used the Rife technology to their benefit.
  • 4. 714X. This is a solution of nitrogen and a whole host of electrolytes that is injected every day for a 21-day cycle on, 2 days off. I have an 80-yr old friend who was given 2 months to live in 1990 with melanoma that had metastasized. He’s really clear that the 714X was a major contributor to his recovery.
  • 5. Bemer. This is another electromagnetic instrument. The science on it shows that through passive use for 16 min daily, the Bemer increases Oxygen delivery to cells by about 30%.
  • 6. Homeopathy, working with Stephen Stiteler, LAc., DOM. Stephen referred me to you (Dr Rosen).
  • 7. Specific Nutrition, herbals and mushrooms under Stephen’s direction. Eating is essential. I’ve just begun to feel interest in food again. Still everything I put into my body takes lots of effort afterwards. Had a smoothie this morning that is followed by significant abdominal pain.
  • 8. Pain management. Until this morning 11/13 I was using low dose OTC ibuprofen/400 mg every 6 hrs. This morning I increased the dose to 600 mg every 6 hrs. It is essential to stay ahead of the pain. Missing a dose can cost ½ to ¾ of a day to get relatively comfortable again. There appears to be a direct relationship between eating, gas production, bloating and abdominal pain. Eating increases my abdominal pain. There are other kinds of pain too. Seems like I can feel pain from the biopsy a week ago.
  • 9. Fluid removal from ascites on an as needed basis. The removal of 3 and ½ liters of fluid concurrent with the biopsy procedure was especially helpful. I’m taking care to be sure to have daily high quality plant based protein power to attempt to offset protein loss from the procedure.
  • 10. Periodic monitoring with imaging and blood tests and any other diagnostic tools you recommend. I think CT scan imaging will be especially useful to me as I’ll be able compare size and frequency of tumor grown and or reduction.
  • 11. Coffee enemas for waste removal.
  • 12. Regular craniosacral, bodywork and massage.

  • Right now I see the chemo as a distraction to the other approaches I’m using. I have a daily program coordinating all the different approaches that I’m using. Besides, a yield of +/- 3 years does not offset the effort it would take. And, as I said, I’ve got solid faith and evidence that the methods I’m using have the potential to increase my life space to 8 plus years. So everyone, there you have it. I remain in good spirits with this whole process.

    So everyone, there you have it. I remain in good spirits with this whole process.